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Fairpointe Planning


Tanisha is the CEO, and Principal of Fairpointe Planning, an MWDBE-certified management consulting firm based in Nashville, TN. With over 25 years of transportation planning experience, she has a strong track record of reimagining transportation networks to include all users. Over the years, she worked for public and private organizations, including the Atlanta Regional Commission, UrbanTrans Consultants, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation, developing, implementing, and supporting TDM strategies for communities. Before stepping into the SEACT President role, Tanisha was on the Membership Committee and led the New Member Orientation. In her spare time, she volunteers with several non-profit organizations, and she maintains a backyard organic garden with chickens and honeybees. 

Kim Johnson.png



Kim Johnson has worked with GoTriangle in transportation since 2008 and specifically transportation demand management since 2013.  Kim is a UNC- Chapel Hill alum with a BA in Radio, Television and Motion Pictures. She also has a certificate from the University of Washington – Seattle in Sustainable Transportation, Planning and Livable Communities in 2018.  In 2020, Kim also earned a Best Workplaces for Commuters Telework Certificate from the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida (USF).  In 2021, she earned a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate from USF Corporate Training and Professional Education.  Kim works with employers to create and improve their commuter benefits programs, helping organizations meet various goals but mostly, to reduce parking demand, increase employee morale as well as recruit and retain top talent.  


Along with the philosophy of a forever student, Kim also enjoys practicing mindfulness and helping others to create positive habits for positive change.  She also spends a lot of time on the greenways in the region, walking, meditating and sometimes running with friends or family.

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Commute with Enterprise

Vice President

Sarah is a Commute with Enterprise Sales Manager where she leads a team of 6 Sales Executives throughout the Southeast US. She joined Commute in 2016 and has been with Enterprise Holdings since 2007. She began her career in The Poconos of Pennsylvania but moved to Florida in 2013. Today, she lives in New Smyrna Beach, FL, with her husband and 2 dogs. Sarah joined ACT in January of 2020 and quickly became a member of the Vanpool Council and SEACT Marketing & Communications Committee. In 2021, she chaired the committee before raising her hand for the role of Vice President. Sarah was named one of ACT’s 40 Under 40 recipients in 2021, and will complete the ImpACT! Leadership Program in January of 2022.

Shontay Rose-Bell Headshot.jpg

Shontay Rose-Bell

Odonnell Company


Shontay is a Senior Project Manager at Odonnell Company where she handles the direct day-to-day collaboration between a team of behavior change creatives, clients, and stakeholders. She has over 15 years of project management experience,10 years specifically working with government organizations, 5 years in transportation demand management. Her ability to keep a project on track and on budget is second to none! Using her understanding of integrated marketing programs and behavior change methodology, Shontay works to connect and resonate with consumers in a differentiated way, building brand awareness, and converting it into action.


Shontay enjoys understanding the challenges of changing transportation behavior, discussing the creative and the behavior change methodology built into the social media approach, and managing the steps that are proven to bring about long-lasting, sustainable change. Prior to being SEACT secretary Shontay was and continues to be an active member of SEACT Marketing & Communications Committee.

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